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Ash Resin Art Disclaimer: Original art works are reproduced in an extremely sophisticated way to reflect the deceased. Therefore, when you purchase an original piece you are guaranteed that the original will be delivered to you according to the calibrated system the artist uses to produce and display work as accurately as possible on-line.

Reproduction Art Disclaimer:  Reproduction of oil paintings will be an exact print that is original to color and shape. Product reproduction is based on the client’s choice and availability. Original paintings are not for sale.

Size & Shape Disclaimer: Art works are based on the size and shape of canvas that are selected by the client. Canvas’s can range in size from a 5X7 to 24X30.  If a unique situation arises where a client’s needs do not fit the options, we will do our best to create a piece of art that represents the deceased.

Shipping & Handling Disclaimer: Art works are shipped according to the highest standards of packaging and protecting the work. Original artworks will be shipped with insurance. Both original and reproduced works are fragile and can be damaged easily once opened or handled. Great care needs to be taken when works are unpacked from the shipping material and containers so as to not damage an artwork. Ashes Through Beauty, cannot be held liable in any way for damaged or destroyed work unless the customer can prove that damage occurred due to insufficient shipping standards and not as a result of unpacking, handling or attempting to transport or frame the work after the fact.



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